Finding the Most Natural-Looking Hair

Virgin hair has many benefits and applications. It is used in weaves and extensions. It is formed into a switch for people with short hair a partial hair loss. It can also be constructed into wigs for cancer patients who desire a more realistic look. Because it is made from real hair and not synthetics, virgin hair that is well applied looks completely natural. Even with all these benefits, however, there are variations in quality. The absolute best virgin hair is brazilian hair, which is well known for its dark vibrancy and luster. Below are some of the many advantages customers should look for in their brazilian hair products.

Like other virgin hair products, it is completely real, with intact cuticles arranged in a single direction. This arrangement is called “remy hair.” It allows the hair to lay flat against the head or be styled in any way the wearer desires.

If well maintained, it will stay in excellent condition for between 6 and 12 months. This fact helps to offset the moderate expense of this high-quality, imported product. Some customers have stated their wigs have lasted up to three years without any major shedding.

When not pre-constructed into a switch or wig, hair for a weave typically comes in bundles of 100 grams each. For a full head fo hair, roughly 3 bundles are required. Two bundles amount to 10-14 inches of hair, three bundles measure at 16-22 inches, and four bundles are typically make up between 24 and 30 inches.


It can be cut, styled, washed, and even colored or permed, making it one of the most versatile hair products on the market.

It can be made into weaves that last about 2 months without maintenance or re-application. It does not interfere with natural hair growth. It can be used in both regular and sewn-in weaves.

While straight is the standard, brazilian curly hair (that occurs naturally) is also available. Natural hair consistencies include straight, deep curl, kinky curl, Afro curl, natural wave, deep wave, and body wave.

It has never been cut, treated, dyed, or permed. The result is a natural looking and feeling hair.

Though very high in quality, a good, lasting wig typically runs less than $100 before shipping and handling.

Due to it’s thickness, strength, and luxurious color, African-American customers have found it to be one of the highest quality hair solutions. For anyone wanting a beautiful, dramatic look, virgin brazilian hair is an increasingly popular and affordable choice.